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Studio Reveal: Best Bud, Organic Hemp-Infused Wellness

My husband and I have been dreaming about adding a back house onto our property (in our favorite historic neighborhood) for some time now, and at the end of last year, we finally pulled the trigger. We had been going through a tough few years struggling to start a family and needed something exciting and new to focus on. The day we broke ground, I was standing on the back deck watching a bulldozer destroy our fence and tear our yard apart, when we got the call. We had been matched with a birth mother who was due in a week. We were thrilled to adopt this little baby girl but also terrified as to what it would mean to bring a newborn home while starting a major construction project. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy making hundreds of decisions while navigating first time parenthood, but we all survived and are now so excited to be enjoying each other as a new family AND our new space.

We worked closely with Nashville-based Van Pond Architects to design a multi-functional space that could grow and shift along with our lives. With both Andrew and I working from home, we needed a creative studio that could accommodate songwriting sessions and design meetings as well as serve as a guest house for friends and family visiting from out of town. We also wanted it have the ability to potentially serve as an in-law suite for our aging parents or as a “shed” to house Andrew’s woodworking and/or our bikes if and when we decide we no longer need an extra bedroom. 

With my husband and I having lived in Los Angeles for six years, we were influenced by the laid-back California vibe of historically creative communities like Laurel Canyon, Ojai, and Sea Ranch. We wanted the space to feel organic, modern, and airy, while also incorporating the historic elements of our main house, a bungalow built in 1939. 

For the floors we chose high gloss white epoxy for its durability and reflective qualities. Paired with white walls, the furniture almost “floats”. We balanced the white with black doors and windows and white oak accents, bringing on the insanely talented, Christian Fecht of Fecht Design to custom-build the notched cabinets in the kitchen. His creativity and quality craftsmanship gave an organic warmth that the light-filled white space desperately needed.

Best Bud Organic CBD Studio Tour x Life of Plenty Home
Best Bud Organic CBD Studio Tour x Life of Plenty Home - Nashville, TNen Shot 2019-08-19 at 9.57.31 PM.png

What Andrew and I weren’t anticipating when we started this build was that my twin sister, Ashley, and I would start a new business, Best Bud, an organic hemp-infused wellness company. Ashley’s son was born six weeks before our daughter, and with our newfound motherhood, we also enjoyed newfound creativity. Best Bud is a culmination of our deep passions: beauty & wellness, design, sustainability, and community. We have always dreamed about having a business together and with each of us having such incredible results using hemp as a natural solution for our individual issues, we knew it was a product we both believed in. 

Hearing how people have had successful results incorporating Best Bud into their daily routines and using this beautiful new space as our production studio, has been a dream come true. In the short time since we have finished this space, it has already proven itself to accommodate our ever-changing creative lifestyle needs.

Best Bud Organic CBD Studio Tour x Life of Plenty Home - Nashville, TN