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Unexplained infertility is something most people have heard of, but it can be hard to talk about for those who are experiencing it. It feels taboo and negative to bring up these struggles amidst pregnancy announcements and baby celebrations. It also is largely misunderstood, yet relatively common today.

Ashley and I have both struggled with unexplained fertility over the last four years. We never imagined our road to motherhood would be such a difficult path, but we have learned so much along the way and feel grateful to have had each other to talk to, although it is always a personal struggle at the end of the day.

It has been quite the learning experience going through cycles of hormone treatments and scheduled intimacy with partners, the sadness and frustration every month with the arrival of a period, digging deep for hope with the start of every new approach. It’s an emotional journey that often feels never ending. But it has also been inspiring to connect and discuss these struggles with other women who are brave enough to be open about their own unique journey through infertility. I have been shocked to discover just how many women go through this and Ashley and I both feel that it is an experience that is important to share.


The unexplained explanation: Ashley and I are fairly health conscious so dealing with unexplained infertility has been particularly hard to understand at times. We have no family history of infertility or other major health issues. We choose organic and GMO-free products when we can. Neither of us are overweight or have other health problems. We live relatively active lives and try to stay informed.

One thing Ashley and I have talked a lot about as we have done research into possible causes of infertility, are the the toxins that surround us and how they can affect us. At this point, most people are aware of the benefits of organic and clean eating, and many of us have more or less jumped onto that bandwagon. There is also an enormous wave of clean beauty that has gained increased awareness over the last several years. But the place that is most influential to our health tends to be the last place we think of to ‘make more green’. It is the environment we spend the most time in - our homes. 

It may seem obvious but the environment of our homes plays a key role in our overall health and can often be a place we overlook as we struggle to keep up with our busy lives. As we transition into spring, and with April being our birthday month (as well as the month that celebrates Earth Day, something we have been passionate about since we were in middle school), we at LoP are making the effort this April to focus on the small steps we can take to clean up our homes and provide tips on how to create a calm and healthy environment for you and your families as well. 

To begin, Ashley and I are each sharing our Top 4 favorite home products we use on a daily basis that have helped us live cleaner lives. There is a lot we can do over time as we invest in how we live. We hope you stay tuned with us this month as we challenge ourselves to make better decisions for our home everyday.

A healthy home doesn't need to be boring. Here are our favorite healthy home products that make life worth living:

Products for a Healthier Home | Life of Plenty

Carly's Favorites:

  • Berkey water filter: Our bodies need water to survive so improving the quality of the water we drink on a regular basis is a must. Berkey uses charcoal filters to remove 99.5% of water's contaminants and hundreds of toxins including the chlorine and flouride found in our local water treatment plant. I love that I can do a red food dye test to make sure the filters are working properly.
  • Zen Haven Mattress: As I have been dealing with infertility, I took a close look at the environment in my bedroom - the place my husband and I spend so much of our time. I was shocked to find out how many chemicals are in the products we sleep on. (As we dig into this month - I will go into further detail of how we are detoxing our bedroom.) So when we decided it was time to upgrade our mattress we chose the 100% natural American Talalay latex Zenhaven mattress made by Saatva. It is layered with breathable 100% organic wool (a natural fire retardant) and wrapped in organic cotton. I can honestly say we sleep better and I have peace of mind knowing we did our part to eliminate the biggest source of toxins in our bedroom.
  • Shower head water filter: Until I can afford a whole-house water filtration system, I've made sure we have a water filter in our shower. I chose the PureAction all-in-one shower filter and shower head. The filter removes chlorine and I love that the shower head is made out of metal and not plastic. This shower head is truly high pressure which is something my husband is very picky about. We really have enjoyed our showers more since changing over and I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin.
  • Tennen Wandering Moss Incense: Ashley actually introduced me to Tennen and their Wandering Moss incense and I am officially obsessed. I love pleasing all of the senses and this scent is so luxurious and it is made from organic essential oils. Unless your candles are made from 100% beeswax or vegetable oil, it is likely they are mixed with paraffin - which releases carcinogenic soot when burned - and synthetic oils that release microscopic particles that can cause cancer and other health problems when inhaled. So make sure your aromatherapy uses organic essential oils!

Ashley's Favorites:

  • Coyuchi Organic Bed Linens: I am a big fan of cozy bedding, and knew I wanted to purchase quality linens for our guest bedroom at our cabin upstate. I stumbled upon Coyuchi bedding at a home goods store in the Catskills, and was immediately impressed by how gorgeous the linens look and feel. Their bedding is made from natural fibers using nontoxic dyes and treatments and they follow the strictest environmental standards when making their products, from start to finish. I have bought linen bedding from several companies over the last several years, and this bedding is by far my favorite. Beautiful and oh so comfortable - I also feel good knowing this bedding is safe and clean to use on a nightly basis.
  • Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter: Making coffee is a large part of my husband and my morning routine. We typically use a Chemex and have used the unbleached coffee filters for years. The Chemex is great because it is made of wood and glass (no leaching from plastic!) and looks great sitting on the countertop. When we recently ran out of paper filters, I discovered Able Brewing's Kone Koffee Filter. Made from stainless steel, it is reusable, easy to clean, and helps reduce paper use and waste.
  • Vitruvi Stone Diffuser: New York winters can be especially harsh and dry, and cold season seems to last forever. Early this year, I purchased the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser to help bring some moisture to the air in our bedroom, while also allowing us to detox using essential oils as we sleep. I love the ritual it has created for our bedtime routine. This diffuser is made of ceramic and handcrafted in Taiwan, so it is also pleasing to the eye.
  • Fresh garden cut flowers: Nothing says spring like fresh flowers in the house. Unfortunately, the flower industry is one of the heaviest users of agricultural chemicals, including toxic pesticides. It is possible to have the natural beauty without the toxins, however. This spring I have focused on finding local florists that use chemical free and organic practices in growing their flowers. Better yet, I also plan to include a cutting garden in my spring planting to provide fresh flowers regularly from my own backyard, so I will know first-hand that no chemicals or other pesticides are used.

What are your favorite healthy home products? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Saatva. The opinions and text are all mine.