At Home With...Julie

“I am constantly trying to find new ways to be creative. Originally from the good ol’ Sunflower State of Kansas, I came to Nashville with my husband for his job as a musician. My favorite space in our home is our front sitting room because of its great light and because the only thing to do in here is to hang out and enjoy each other. We like to read here or have a conversation without any distractions. It’s also a good place for entertaining guests because its cozy and intimate.”

“I found the settee at the flea market and recovered it in my favorite color – green. It is SO comfortable. I took out the cushions and put a down comforter in there instead, and when I lay down on it, I fit EXACTLY… it’s perfect for reading…or napping. It is the focal point of the room. The other pieces are fairly neutral but play with different textures, styles and patterns.”

“I filled the rest of the room with items that are sweet and personal to us – the lyrics to a John Denver song that we loved when we were dating, the framed picture of my husband’s grandfather on his 24th birthday with a note written by his grandmother, a painting I bought in Paris when I was with my sister (she has a matching one in her house), a needlepoint cloth that used to hang in my great-grandmother’s house, a piece of art that was done by our friend, and our wedding album on the coffee table.”


“I am inspired by good memories, real talk, fearlessness (something I admire and can’t say I always possess), and things that grow better with age. I wish I was better at slowing down to realize life exists most deeply in the small moments.”

“I need to have the freedom to adapt and re-arrange my schedule and change directions so that when creativity shows up, I don’t miss it. Elizabeth Gilbert gave a great TedTalk about an idea the Greeks had: that creativity is like a divine spirit that passes us by and as an artist it is our job to sort of grab it and let it manifest itself. So, I have tried to be more aware of those moments when inspiration comes and to stop to at least acknowledge it and to see those moments as precious, because they are rare, but great.”

“To me, living a ‘life of plenty’ means being thankful for everything, tangible or intangible, and realizing that I have far more than I need or deserve because all the ‘plenty’ is a gift.” – Julie

Lindsay Letters American Dream Collection

A few weeks ago, the lovely and talented Lindsay Letters photographed her patriotic new collection American Dream at the Holly House. She was on the hunt for the "perfect white mantle" to host her new prints, and through the grapevine, landed at our little cottage.

Lindsay had this to say about the inspiration behind American Dream: "There is something about classic Americana, patriotic songs and stars and stripes that make me feel so grateful and blessed. Maybe it's knowing all the hardships and lives sacrificed for our freedom and this beautiful country…people who gave (and give) their lives to serve us and keep us safe."

Here are a few photos from the beautiful lookbook shot by April M. Walker.

Inspired By: Palm Springs

The end of the year always ends up in a sprint, tying up loose ends for work and life, as well as preparing for the holidays with family and friends. This year, after spending Christmas with family in San Diego, Ashley and I (along with our spouses), dove into full-on relaxation mode by heading to our favorite desert oasis, Palm Springs. It was the perfect way to ring in the New Year, filling up on great food, beauty and inspiration.


The highlights:

+ The Parker – This hotel does everything right, from the stunning décor by Jonathan Adler, to the expansive gardens and lovely spa. Inspiration for days.

+ Ace Hotel – We had a few meals at the always popular Ace Hotel, and for good reason. It’s casual and tasteful and perfectly located.

+ The Modern Tour – Author Michael Stern led us on a great architectural tour around Palm Springs and even took us into a few residential homes to see some great mid-century interiors.

+ Moorten Botanical Garden – This garden features more than 3000 varieties of plants, including some very rare and gravity-defying cacti.

+ Sparrow’s Lodge – We enjoyed a garden lunch at The Barn Kitchen, located in
this cozy and tasteful boutique hotel. Would love to come back and stay in one of their cabin rooms on another trip.

+ Robolights – This giant holiday sculpture and light show by artist Kenny Irwin Jr., is both unbelievable and a little shocking (it includes 8 million Christmas lights).

+ – We spent New Year’s Eve dining alfresco at So.Pa, the intimate restaurant nestled in the stunning L’Horizon Hotel. The Lindsay Adelman light fixtures put me over the edge.

+ Indian Canyons (North Golf Course) – Golfing in Palm Springs is fun. Golfing on this course gives you a sneak peak into the backyards of hundreds of stunning mid-century homes, with the mountains as a backdrop. Enough said.

We also did a bit of vintage shopping and discovered some great pieces we rarely come across in our part of the country (Hedge, At Hom, Spaces).